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How Do You Know? How do you know you’re a fan of Miss Reese? Are you there on opening night for all her films? Perhaps you’ve named your pet after her! Read through fans’ reasons below – some are serious, lots are jokey – and if you have one of your own then submit it through the form below!


001 You’re at the cinema on opening day to see her new movie.
002 You know the lines in her movies by heart.
003 You own many of her movies on DVD.
004 You make sure you get a copy of all the magazines she is in.
005 You dye your hair blonde (or dark brown if you’ve just watched Walk The Line).
006 You get your hair cut like hers.
007 You name your pet after her or one of her characters.
008 You get yourself a pet donkey because you know Reese has some.
009 You name your child after her!
010 You travel to see her on the red carpet or on the set of a movie.
011 You record all her TV appearances.
012 You spend your spare time browsing YouTube for interviews with her.
013 You change your name to Reese.
014 You decide to go by your middle name from now on, as Reese does.
015 You never get tired of her movies.
016 You always stick in Just Like Heaven or Legally Blonde when you need a good chick flick to watch.
017 You have her picture on your desktop wallpaper, phone background etc.
018 You research the charity causes she supports to learn more about them.
019 You’ve lost track of how many times you’ve seen Legally Blonde, Walk The Line, Sweet Home Alabama etc.
020 You try to double date two men at a time to see how Lauren felt. You try extra hard to make sure they are spies.
021 You’d also like to date two people who aren’t who they say they are, but are in fact using their friend’s name because it makes them look better. Just like poor Cecily did in The Importance Of Being Earnest.
022 You and your partner make a pact to visit all members of your family on Christmas Day, like Kate and Brad did in Four Christmases.
023 You want to dress up like a bee for Halloween, like Annie did in Penelope.
024 You want to fall in love with a tortured and brooding country singer, like June did in Walk The Line.
025 You decide to go to Law school. If Elle can do it, why can’t you?!
026 You start talking in a Southern accent.
027 You decide to join the circus.
028 You and your friends dress up as angels to look like Holly and her friends in Little Nicky.
029 You try to perfect Jill’s fake laugh from Friends.
030 You bake 100 cupcakes with the words ‘Pick [Your Name]’ perfectly iced onto them, in an attempt to win an election.
031 You wonder what life would be like in black and white.
032 You decide to take a road trip to track down a UPS/postal service van after you decide you didn’t actually want to send that letter.
033 ‘Look who got beat with the ugly stick!’ is your favourite insult, ala Vanessa Lutz.
034 You want to learn gymnastics, and how to ride horses and train elephants, as Marlena did in Water For Elephants.
035 You know all the words to June’s songs in Walk The Line.


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