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Reese Witherspoon as Herself

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On tonight’s all-new episode of The Muppets “Walk the Swine,” Miss Piggy’s grudge against Reese Witherspoon is in the spotlight when she interviews the actress on Up Late with Miss Piggy. Since Witherspoon won an Oscar for the Walk the Line role she got instead of Piggy, they’ve had a heated rivalry. But when the two volunteer together for Habitat for Humanity, their feud escalates to a whole new level. Meanwhile, Fozzie and his girlfriend hit a rough patch. Watch The Muppets sneak peeks now and tune in TONIGHT 8|7c on ABC.

Kermit asks Up Late with Miss Piggy guest Reese Witherspoon not to mention her Oscar on the show, because Miss Piggy is still upset about it. “I find that surprising, she sent me this beautiful basket of homemade muffins in my dressing room,” says Reese. “Don’t eat them!” Kermit advises.

Kermit’s request is moot, because Miss Piggy brings up Reese’s Oscar immediately. Kermit cowers off-stage, afraid of what Miss Piggy will say to Reese, who got the role in Walk the Line that Piggy wanted, and then won an Oscar for it! Piggy is still holding a grudge against Reese, and when the actress brings up her charity work with Habitat for Humanity, Piggy volunteers too. She’s definitely not going to be one-upped by Reese Witherspoon!

Uncle Deadly informs Kermit that Miss Piggy is still holding a grudge against Reese Witherspoon, who beat her out for the lead role in Walk the Line. Then, to add insult to injury, Reese won an Oscar for it! Kermit admits he thought that the Witherspoon grudge was replaced by the grudge against Natalie Portman for stealing Black Swan. Silly Kermit! “That was just a DECOY grudge,” explains Deadly. “It’s always been Witherspoon! Always!”



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